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Arbi ke patte ki sabzi (Colocsia leaf , Taro, Elephant ear)

            After many years of prodding from my hubby that i must start a blog of my own.  Being busy with rearing up two kids i just could not imagine myself blogging here but then finally i am here. There are going to be many different topics which i would be writing about. But Cooking being my first love i just thought of starting my blog with the much asked recipe of here it is Arbi patte ki sabzi

                              Arbi ke patte ki sabzi (Colocsia leaf , Taro, Elephant ear)

Well being from a Marwari family by birth, this sabzi is one of the often prepared sabzis and liked by almost everyone in the family. It has a unique quality that it can be eaten as snacks with hot tea or coffee and can be served as a main course vegetable too. The only difference can be while serving it as snacks it must be prepared with extra crunchiness and when it is to be served as vegetable then it can be cooked without much crunchiness. 
           Here is the recipe for the
Imli Pulp

 Arbi ke patte ki sabzi...

    Ingredients : 

                       1)  Arbi ke patte              6 in nos.( Medium size)
                       2) Besan                        2 cups 
                       3) imli pulp                     1 tsp
                       4) cumin seeds,              1/2 tsp, mix of both
                          mustard (rai) seeds                                 
                       5) cloves ( laung)             3 nos. powdered
                       6) asafetida  ( Hing)          0ne pinch
                       7) salt as per taste
Arvi Leaves
                       8) red chilli powder           1/2 tsp
                       9) water                           100 ml
                      10) Corriander powder        1 tsp
                      11)Turmeric powder           1/4 tsp
                      12) Oil for frying                1/2 cup
                       13) Til (optional)               1/2 tsp

 Method :  

Arvi patte is sabzi 
 First, wash the leaves/patte thoroughly in running water and wipe them clean. Remove the stem from the base of the leaves and place aside. Then in a separate bowl sieve besan and add all the remaining ingredients and mix it well. The mix should not be very runny but it should have a consistency like the pakora or Pancake mix. Divide the patte in two parts and then take a set of 3 leaves and apply the thin coat of the above prepared mix over the back of  one leaf ( i.e. the part which is not shiny). and place the 2nd leaf and repeat the process and then place the 3rd leaf and apply the besan coating. Then roll it carefully like a cigar. Keep it aside.  
Repeat the process with the remaining 3 leaves. Then steam cook it on gas or in an appropriate steamer in the microwave or in your Electric cooker for 8 mins. approx. After it is done cut the half inch thick discs of the rolls. 
             Heat oil in a non stick pan or thick bottomed pan and put hing and jeera-rai ka tadka and then gradually put the discs into it and shallow fry it. Fry it till it turns golden brown and then add little til if desired. 

     If you are intending to serve it as sabzi or main vegetable then you can again add more masala to it while still cooking in the pan it makes it tastier. Serve hot. 

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